Ásbyrgi by mountain bike


Rent a bike and explore the Ásbyrgi canyon or the surrounding area in the Edge of the arctic. Ásbyrgi is located inside Vatnajökull national park and is one of the most famous and beloved nature attractions in Iceland. It´s history and role in the Icelandic folklore is remarkable and it is a very popular destination for anyone looking for a good campsite and beautiful nature. 

Ásbyrgi is also known as the"hoof" print of Sleipnir, the eight legged horse of the Norse god Odin. According to the myth Ásbyrgi was created when Sleipnir stepped down hard leg while coming into land with Odin. There are various theories that explain the creation of the canyon, but the most likely one is that it was created by occasional catastrophic floods in the Jökulsá Glacier River. Riding a mountain bike through the canyon is quite unique and suitable for everyone.   



  • Mountain bike
  • Safety gear
  • Map if needed


990 ISK /hour

Available: May-September
Difficulty level: Easy